The Red Rock Ranch has a long, storied history.

Originally homesteaded around 1894, this jewel of a ranch in the Gros Ventre Valley is one you need to see to believe. It may be one of the only places on earth where you’ll find red rock cliffs surrounded by dramatic granite peaks. The ranch has always been a quiet place. An escape from busy lives and a loud world.

But the Mackenzie family has also transformed it to become a place where they share that special vibe with others. And this year’s a big one.

As of 2024, the Red Rock Ranch has been in the Mackenzie family for 50 years. We’re here today with Caroyn Mackenzie Stimmel, one of the current owners of the Red Rock Ranch. We’ll talk over some of her earliest memories of the ranch, including meeting the horses for the first time. We’ll also talk about how much – or how little – the ranch has changed over the past 50 years.

You’re in for a treat today. Carolyn is a delight and has so many wonderful memories, adventures, and vivid descriptions of the Red Rock Ranch. Let’s get started.



Meet the Stimmels