Wyoming Ranch Jobs at Red Rock Ranch


Looking for Wyoming Ranch Jobs? Working for the Red Rock Ranch is a unique and rewarding experience.  You will be part of a family owned summer seasonal guest ranch that is steeped in tradition and embodied with family values.  Being part of our team will enrich your life experiences and add to the satisfaction of our guest’s family vacation.  You will assist in creating lasting lifetime memories for both you and for our guests.  Along with living in some of the most spectacular mountain scenery your job duties will be both challenging and rewarding.  You will be part of a team that has been creating family vacation memories for multiple generations that are returning season after season.  Be ready to dedicate your self to the ranch, our guests and your fellow team.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

 All positions have strong team development at their core.

Current Ranch Openings:

We are currently taking applications for all positions. Please only apply if you are able to work from late May through the middle of September. Please use the link below to fill out an application.

Red Rock Ranch Application for Employment

If you would like more information please email us at [email protected] or feel free to call the ranch at 307.733.6288.

Employment requirements:

  • Length of employment is from the middle of May through the middle of September.
  • Team-oriented, service first individuals.
  • Room and board is included. Most of our housing is shared bedrooms with baths. Due to shared living arrangements we do not allow pets on the ranch.
  • If applying for a Wrangler position, we ask for a video of your horsemanship skills and riding abilities, and prefer previous guest ranch experience as a wrangler.


Dining Room Head Server: Provide team management skills in creating a service first oriented work place through hands on assistance. Creating an overall guest services atmosphere in the dining room & bar by utilizing exceptional practiced fine dining skills, team management and proven guest service disciplines. Measured by guest satisfaction surveys and management review.

Dining Room Server:  Provide sincere, genuine hospitality through serving and assisting our guests by utilizing appropriate serving techniques and creating an inviting, clean and pleasant atmosphere for their overall ranch dining experience.  Measured by guest satisfaction surveys and punctuality.

Sous Chef:  Assist the Head Chef with providing a unique Western culinary experience, by utilizing personal creativity, diversity of menus, variety of ingredients, cost focused and fostering a team development both in the kitchen and the dining room to enrich our guest’s satisfaction with their dining experience. Measured by guest surveys, dining room and head chef review.

Housekeeping:  Provide our guests with a clean, inviting, richly appointed and comfortable area for their accommodations while at the ranch by utilizing proper cleaning techniques, daily cleaning routines, effective time management and personal dedication to the overall fulfillment of our guest’s expectations.  Measured by guest surveys and management review.

Swing:  Provide our Guests with excellent customer service in several areas.  The person for this job will need to be a high energy individual.  The duties will include but not be limited to short evening Bartender duties, assisting with Housekeeping duties and some daytime hiking guide.  The specific areas of responsibility will be bartender, cleaning bar, cleaning glasses and maintaining a clean work area.  Leading ½ day and all-day hikes a few times per week, keeping guest’s safety and physical conditions as a priority.  Assisting Housekeeping with the daily cleaning of public bathrooms, common areas, guest cabins and weekly cabin turnovers.  The schedule will be set to accommodate time off between shifts to maintain appropriate working hours.