Horsewomen’s Journey to Adventure

Red Rock Ranch

Horsewomen of a Certain Age
Fundamentals of Horsemanship Clinic

This all-inclusive clinic is the perfect adventure to expand
your horsemanship journey, build your confidence and grow your skills.

Ladies Only! Join us July 14-20 when Professional Horsewoman Bobbi Wade and the Red Rock Ranch team roll out this week-long event where women of all skills and levels can come together to learn, share, ride, and improve their horsewomen’s journey from the beautifully remote Red Rock Ranch.

This all-inclusive clinic is the perfect adventure for friends to bond with horses and each other as you expand your horsemanship journey, build your confidence, and grow your skills. At the end of the day, you’ll also have plenty of time to explore the ranch and enjoy the amenities including a pool, hot tub, campfires, and a great combination of traditional ranch and gourmet meals.


Bobbi Wade is a native-born Wyoming horsewoman, raised on working ranches and riding horses since the age of five. Her career has encompassed the cowgirl life of working and training ranch horses, working cattle, ranch roping and competitive roping, wilderness horse and mule packing for summer pack trips and hunting excursions, and fully outfitting and guiding guests across the wide open spaces of Wyoming. For the past 25 years,
she has been the owner of Blue Sky Sage, a horseback riding adventure and women’s riding retreat company, with a focus on helping women riders build their confidence and skills as they make their horsewoman’s journey.

Register below for this all-inclusive Clinic that is sure to sell out!

$4,290 per person
Includes meals, accommodations, horses, taxes, staff gratuities, and clinic fees.
A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required.

Get Ready To Expand Your Journey!

How to be a good partner with your horse
● CHOOSING YOUR LINEAGE – How to select a horsemanship philosophy to follow
● FEAR – It’s real. How to turn fear into healthy respect around horses
● ANTHROPOMORPHIZING – Why we do it and why it’s not fair to the horse
● ASSERTIVE LEADERSHIP – Learn to be firm, but fair. Learn and practice the “herd of two”
● BRINGING YOUR “A” GAME – What you need to bring to this relationship for it to be safe, successful, rewarding, and fun for both you and your horse, and WHY YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERY TIME.

Safety First! And communication in the language the horse understands
● HOKA HEY! – Being in the moment at all times and why it’s important
● PHYSICALITY AND YOU – How to use your body to keep yourself safe
● DELIBERATE HABITS – Develop a routine to use every time you work with your horse, that will lead to safety, harmony, and understanding
● PRACTICAL MAGIC – How to catch, lead, groom, saddle, bridle, hobble, pack your bags, and get a good thing going right from the start of the day
● LEARNING TO YIELD – How to help your horse (aka “athlete”) get his/her head in the game, and what to look for in the process

● NO WOMAN’S LAND – Proper mounting technique and why it’s imperative
● INDEPENDENT SEAT – It’s not just for the English discipline . . .
● WALK BEFORE YOU RUN – How to ask your horse for the initial walk and the value of that brisk, fun gait
● TRAIL ETIQUETTE FOR LADIES – Principles to live by when you ride with a group

How to ride together in safety and harmony in a group
● RIDE YOUR HORSE – How to exude confidence to your horse and support him/her through challenging trail conditions
● BE A GREAT TRAIL BUDDY – Why being a good trail pal to your riding companions will pay big
rewards every time you go out together
● AND FINALLY – It’s supposed to be fun, but it will always be challenging!

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  • Upon arrival to Red Rock Ranch be prepared to show a copy of your horses coggins, and health/travel documents. It is extremely important your horse is healthy and non- contagious while staying at Red Rock. The integrity and good health of the ranches herd is paramount. At Red Rock we try very hard to limit the herds exposure to outside sicknesses. The health of all horses in the clinic is vital.
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