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Red Rock Ranch was committed to opening the 2020 guest season amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was a very difficult decision. It turned out financially unprofitable yet “rich” in gaining amazing new clientele that we would not have otherwise seen.

As news of COVID-19 began to spread, the Red Rock Ranch’s team realized early on the need to develop and follow guidance from many angles in order to successfully accomplish a safe and productive season. The Teton County Health Authority, CDC, and the State of Wyoming provided much needed advice and assistance.

The donning of face masks, washing hands, diligent cleaning, physical distancing and reducing guest numbers were just some of the examples of actions taken during the season. Our diligent guests prepared before their trip(s) to the ranch with an understanding of new procedures and new methods of handling business while at the ranch.

We learned that it is one thing to talk about maintaining a wellness protocol; it takes planned action to follow through, carry-out, and maintain safe practices.

Dedicated, committed staff members; determined guests with huge measures of patience and cooperation made for an “illness” free season. Red Rock’s General Manager (Scott Cooney) and staff deserve utmost commendation for the result of their many long hours of meticulous planning.

What To Expect in 2021

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What should you expect for the 2021 guest season in regard to COVID-19?

This is NOT a time to become complacent. Like most of the world, we are all hoping 2021 brings a great revival. We are hoping for COVID-19 to be an issue of the past. However, from a realistic standpoint, we know we could be dealing with challenges at least equal, if not even greater in some ways to the 2020 pandemic.

We plan to enter the 2021 season (June – September) with circumspection. To ensure we maintain and improve on robust protocols and procedures for both Guests and staff, we as Owners/management will remain informed, educated and current once again with the Teton County Health Authority, State of Wyoming and CDC guidance. We plan to keep guests informed of any changes to protocol as we move along through the winter months.

The ranch will be in a pristine and pure state come “start” time. Warming weather in the spring means long, sun-shiny days and every opportunity to sustain conditions for great health. Nature and the great outdoors seem to lend themselves to great healing and cleansing powers. We anticipate this spring will lead to that environment again in 2021.

Hope to see YOU in the saddle!

Sincerely Harley and Carolyn Stimmel