2020 Year In Review at Red Rock Ranch

2020 may not be a year that is looked back fondly upon. Despite this, while it has certainly presented more than a few challenges to us all, it was a good year here at Red Rock Ranch. We had a wonderful time hosting our many guests and, from what we’ve heard, they feel the same way!

That’s what a Wyoming dude ranch vacation is all about: getting away from it all so you can relax and recharge.

For certain, the state of the world has the potential to be vexing and can be hard to ignore. Disconnecting with a vacation is a great solution – but not all vacation destinations are equal.

A dude ranch getaway at Red Rock Ranch is designed to be a true, immersive break from your workaday world.

At Red Rock Ranch, the modern world with all its distractions and problems is far, far away. Instead of utility poles and high rises, we have pine trees and the Grand Tetons. That twittering sound you hear? That’s not someone’s phone but actual birdsong. And any hustle and bustle you encounter is probably just mealtime. Folks do tend to get a mite eager around genuine western BBQ, that’s for sure.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Have a gander at what our guests have to say. We hesitate to blow our own horn but, at the same time, we are proud to have helped in making so many good memories.

2020 Year In Review

horse riding at Red Rock Ranch

We have visited quite a few Dude Ranches in CO and WY (and once in AR) and this is absolutely the nicest. If you’re busy people – with or without kids – who love the outdoors and are looking for a beautiful place to get your work-life balance back on track, this is a great place to try.”
– Pat R, March 2020

I hesitate to share our experience at Red Rock Ranch as I would like to keep this place a secret. Incredible experience for the whole family. The location, food, and amenities are top notch. Everyone who works here does a wonderful job providing a trip of a lifetime. This place is great for adults and children. We cannot wait to get back here.
– Ethan, August 2020

The Red Rock Ranch is such a rarity these days. It’s a place where you can look in literally any direction and have a breath-taking view. You can point in a direction and hike there – a freedom us city folk have a hard time understanding. … I feel so privileged to have had the chance to go.
– Erika, August 2020

I was looking for a chance to get away from at all. I found way more than I expected. It seemed like I stepped back in time and found myself surrounded by nature and wonderful people. The setting is spectacular.
– Lilia, September 2020

Red Rock Ranch

Meals were prepared like the chef is working toward a James Beard award.
– Dennis, September 2020

We had the best guide for our horseback rides – she was super attentive to our capabilities as riders and incredibly patient with us and our horses. We saw outstanding views I’ll never forget. I learned how to fly fish and caught three fish! These folks know how to make ranch life inclusive and fun for everyone. I didn’t want to leave at the end of the week.
– Kat, September 2020

2021 and Beyond

2020 is almost over but all that means is now is the time to make your dude ranch getaway plans for next year. We’re already nearly half full, with spaces going fast. 2021 is looking to be an even better year at the ranch, so don’t miss out.

Book your stay at Red Rock Ranch today – we look forward to seeing you!