Spring is here & so is the Wildlife.

Spring is a very busy time of year for wildlife
in and around Grand Teton National Park.

On The River

With the snow starting to recede, the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers will soon be teaming with wildlife. Bald Eagles are likely already nesting, and are one of the most magnificent birds to watch while they hunt or teach their fledglings to do the same. You can also find river otters, golden eagles, and great-horned owls on the riverbanks.

As we get closer to summer, other migratory birds will be arriving including red-tailed hawks, western bluebirds, osprey, and sandhill cranes.

In The Meadow

The wintering elk are making their way north from the National Elk Refuge to higher summer grounds, including Red Rock Ranch. These animals are just magnificent, and we welcome them each spring!

Both the male and female bears have emerged from their winter dens, with many of the females (including 399) with cubs in tow! Although rare, capturing a glimpse of playful bear cubs is such a delight. More common sightings include baby bison, moose, elk and deer who are usually out in the open meadows and easier to spot.

When staying at Red Rock Ranch you can expect to see plenty of bison, elk, and antelope, as our quiet meadows and slightly higher elevation creates the perfect environment for the warm summer days and cool nights.

Summer 2022 at The Red Rock Ranch

Curious about the best places to view wildlife?

Check out this article from the Grand Teton National Park Foundation:

What Our Guests Are Saying

Summer 2022 was spectacular, a real return to form after two years of pestiferous pandemic pauses and precautions. It felt great to have so many happy folks here at the ranch, soaking in all the sunshine, clean air, and good times; the way it’s supposed to be.
A Red Rock Ranch dude ranch vacation is meant to be a truly immersive break from your everyday life. A much needed reset from a world of non-stop notifications, distractions, and worry. It never ceases to please us how many folks come here glued to their phones, then leave acting almost as if they’ve kind of forgotten about them!

That’s what a genuine dude ranch vacation is all about. Reconnecting with the things that really matter: family, friends, fresh air, clean water, good dirt, and plenty of time out in nature. After a dude ranch vacation, folks feel better, fresher, and more alive. They’re rejuvenated and limbered up. Ready to face whatever life has to throw at them and feeling a deeper connection to the natural world and themselves.

If a Wyoming dude ranch vacation can do all that for an adult – and it absolutely can – just imagine the affect it has on kids. Most of us grew up spending at least some time out of doors most every day but many of today’s kids rarely do. Getting a chance to ride a horse, go fishing, take a hike, or just tear around outside with no electronics is a priceless experience they’ll never forget and that will have positive repercussions for their entire life. If all this sounds just a little too good to be true, don’t take it from us. Read on and see what our guests have to stay about their Summer 2022 stay at The Red Rock Ranch.

“Our family of 5 just had the most incredible 3 night stay at Red Rock Ranch. The beautiful and serene ranch alone is worth a visit, but the hospitality and food made our stay one that we will remember forever. Kudos to Scott and staff and a sincere “thank you” for the incredible and safe riding program all of us experienced. I only wish we decided to spend a full week at the ranch. I highly recommend a visit to RRR for anyone hoping to experience something new and different.”

5 Stars – Marc Salafia, July 2022

“What a spectacular ranch to spend seven days with family. The staff was wonderful and became easily considered family by the end of the week. The kids program was perfect for our littles and tears where shed when it was time to leave. We rode horses everyday as much or as little as you wanted, even had a chance to work cattle. The accommodations were perfect with individual cabins for each family. The dining room meals were always delicious. Absolutely recommend for your next trip!”

5 Stars – Mindy Chapman, July 2022

“We came to Red Rock looking for a different type of family vacation. The whole experience was beyond what we could imagine. We all tried new things and had an amazing week as a family while also meeting new friends. It was fun, exciting and relaxing at the same time. My 8 year old even said it was a and better vacation than Disney! We can’t wait to go back.”

5 Stars – Lindsay Weinstein, August 2022

“Our stay at the Red Rock Ranch was the most memorable vacation my husband and I have ever had. It was a surreal experience to be part of this magical place with breath taking views all around us. It was truly a reset on life for us and helps to put everything into perspective. The wranglers were wonderful, so knowledgeable, kind and caring for the horse and the guests! The food was amazing and the chef and staff in the dining lodge were amazing. Carolyn Stimmel is amazing and so very dedicated to the Ranch and her family is wonderful. We so much enjoyed our time with her and meeting her sons and extended family. And a special thank you to Scott the GM he worked with us from the point we booked the trip, answered our many questions before during and after and really made sure our trip was a success. We already rebooked our cabin for next year and can’t wait to come back!!”

5 Stars – Michelle Obert, July 2022

“My family enjoyed our week at Red Rock Ranch. The accommodations and food were excellent. The horseback riding was extremely safe and fun for my entire family, including my 6 grandchildren. I would highly recommend this Dude Ranch to other families, even those with small children.”

5 Stars – John Mares, August 2022