Horsemanship Clinics at Red Rock Ranch

Horseback riding is at the core of any dude ranch experience. Our “Horsemanship, Harmony, and Helpful Hints” riding program will help you to make the most of your time in the saddle at Red Rock Ranch.

Red Rock Ranch prides itself in maintaining a reliable herd of horses and offering a safe Wyoming Dude Ranch vacation experience. Part of that promise means making sure that our guest riders are both comfortable and prepared with their mounts.

Our Head Wrangler will hand-pick your mount, based upon your skill level and previous riding experience – but that’s not all. We also offer a popular riding program: Horsemanship, Harmony, and Helpful Hints.

Horsemanship, Harmony, and Helpful Hints

Horsemanship, Harmony, and Helpful Hints is a unique riding program developed over the past several years, right here at Red Rock Ranch.

The program provides special training for guests who want an experience that goes go “beyond the trail.” Those who participate will achieve a deeper understanding of horses and the special relationship between horse and rider.

The Top Hand Clinic teaches riders to have a balanced seat and correct body position while executing a trot.

The Ranch Hand Clinic takes you towards a better body position in the saddle and a fuller understanding of horses and their movements.

Both riding clinics concentrate on improving your riding and horse communication skills through Natural Horsemanship Techniques. They’re offered twice weekly, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, for an additional cost.

Working the Rodear

cattle in a rodear Red Rock Ranch

One of our favorite horsemanship teaching methods involves working cattle in a rodear.

“Rodear” is Spanish for “to surround” or “round up.” The word “rodeo” also comes from this source.  “Rodear” refers to gathering and working a herd of cattle using riders instead of a fenced corral.

Learning to quietly select, remove, and work a steer out of a rodear is something you’ll never forget. Our rodear is held in a lush green pasture, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Beautiful Crystal Creek splashes in the background.

The rodear idea came from master horseman Martin Black. The world renowned clinician visits Red Rock Ranch every summer for a week long clinic. His insight into how horses and cattle think has helped us to fine tune our program over many visits.

Providing guests with a deeper sense of horsemanship is extremely rewarding for all of us here at the Ranch. Whether it’s through rodear work, executing an obstacles course, or drill team maneuvers, you’ll gain invaluable experiences while in the saddle at Red Rock Ranch.