Red Rock Ranch Wrangler

Brittany Tedford-Riley

His name is Carmichael and he is a beautiful palomino gelding.

Staff Feature

We’d like to give a shout-out to our returning Head Wrangler, Brittany Tedford-Riley
Brittany has been with Red Rock Ranch since 2022, and we’re really excited to have her return for Summer 2024.

If you’re joining us at the ranch this summer, get to know her ahead of time with the interview below!

Brittany Tedford-Riley:

Horses have been my passion my whole life. I started taking lessons when I was five years old. I started competing not long after that and continued all throughout college. I was first drawn to Red Rock for its beautiful, jaw-dropping scenery and remote
location. Being able to do what I love here has been the biggest blessing.

I can’t choose just one! It’s an honor to lead guests on rides while they disconnect from their real world.

Having my alarm set at 5am to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee before I start my day. Heading out around 5:45am to catch and saddle my horse. I’ll ride out to pasture to wrangle the herd into the corrals. We will then catch and saddle all the horses
that will work that day (usually about 30). By 9am we are loading up and heading out for our rides. After a day full of riding ill go and visit with the guests at dinner to hear about their day and discuss with them their riding options for the following day. I’ll create a
riding schedule based on their preferences. Although my day is over, I will most likely stay around and join in on the nightly activity. You can’t keep me away from square dance night!

Seeing how excited they get when they see the views for the first time! It’s an awesome feeling to be there with them during a memory you know will last a lifetime.

His name is Carmichael and he is a beautiful palomino gelding. I have always been drawn to horses that had some “quirks” and he has quite a few of them. He isn’t the kind of horse to want to nuzzle up on you but because of that it means so much more to me when he trusts me and lets me love on him. Sometimes he nickers when I walk up to him, it’s probably only because I have cookies for him but it still makes me smile!

I love to dance! Line dancing and two stepping are my favorite.

Since we are so remote we usually spend our one night a week off on the ranch. Many times, we spend it grilling burgers, making a bonfire, listening to music, and dancing. It’s a really special time for me because we are able to shake off our work week
and really enjoy the company of one another.

I spend a lot a time matching guests with a horse I think best suits them. I also chose certain trails based on the guest’s comfort level and ability.