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Red Rock Ranch continues to be a family owned business for over 40 years; as a result, we have seen, experienced and overcome many challenges.

The COVID-19 scare has certainly presented us with a unique challenge; however, this situation will eventually pass. Our guests and staff are like family to us. Their health, wellbeing, and ranch experience is paramount in our decision making process for the up and coming spring/summer season. We are currently evaluating and adjusting where necessary to prepare and be ready for this seemingly uncharted situation.

The Red Rock is a seasonal operation and boasts a hefty a 7,200’ elevation; it is not currently open during the winter months. Matter of fact, we just received over 3 feet of fresh snow the 2nd week of March, temporarily limiting the “ease” of our small winter staff’s ingress/egress to “check” the mail in Kelly!

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To our staff & Guests, this means the ranch will be in a pristine and pure state come “start” time. Warming weather in the spring means long sun shiny days and every opportunity to sustain conditions for great health. Nature and the great outdoors seem to lend themselves to great healing and cleansing powers; we anticipate this spring will lead to that environment.

We are in close contact with the Teton County Health Authority and we are reviewing CDC guidelines daily. We have robust protocols and procedures for maintaining safe conditions for both our guests and our staff. Based on these factors, we are optimistically pushing forward with our season beginning the first week of June 2020.

As our country’s leaders continue to evaluate and adjust to the current situation; Red Rock Ranch will also evaluate and adjust as the situation unfolds. We remain committed to our guests and will do our utmost to:

  • Keep you updated “to the minute” as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.
  • Work with you and prospective guests during this season to ensure your guest experience is 2nd to none from booking to your actual ranch vacation. A season to remember for a lifetime.

Hope to see YOU in the saddle!

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