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Part of your Wyoming Dude Ranch vacation here at The Red Rock Ranch is the raising and care of fine riding horses. There is a suitable mount for all abilities at the ranch. Our experienced wranglers willingly teach new riders and offer refresher tips for others.

Once you leave our barns and corrals, you and your trusty mount for the week, specifically chosen for you and your ability level, are off to experience the splendor of the Gros Ventre Wilderness. The horseback riding trails will vary from high mountaintops with incredible views of the magnificent Grand Teton, Wind River and Absaroka mountain ranges, to meandering streambeds, and exploring high country alpine meadows.

Small groups ride out each morning and afternoon with a wrangler that is knowledgeable of the surrounding area. Full-day lunch rides put the spectacular alpine meadows and peaks within your reach. You are likely to see antelope, coyote, elk, deer, bald eagles and hawks. You might even catch a glimpse of moose, bear or mountain sheep.


We are pleased to offer small group riding instruction focusing on Horsemanship, Harmony and Helpful Hints to enrich your equine experience.

There are two small group lessons that will concentrate on helping you achieve a better understanding of your ability to communicate, and execute better riding through Natural Horsemanship Techniques.

Top Hand is for the rider that can achieve a balanced seat and body position while executing a trot.  Ranch Hand is for the rider that is working towards better body position and understanding.

There are additional cost for either of these two clinics.


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